My Sisters by Buddy.

Since I’m spending a few days in Michigan with my crazy wonderful friend Kimmer – I’m letting Buddy be my guest blogger today. Here is a composition he wrote for English class. The assignment was to compare and contrast two different things. He choose his sisters. We got a kick out of it and thought you might, too!

My Girls

My Sisters

By: Buddy

Dagmar, a knife-loving, gun-shooting, cooking-loving extravert, is very different from her sister Angel Girl, a glue-gunning, painting, crafting introvert.

Though Dagmar likes cooking, Angel Girl likes crafting.

Angel Girl likes pearls and lace, Dagmar like flannel and camo.

Dagmar likes guns and knifes, Angel Girl would rather shoot glue and paint a new project.

Though they’re different, they are also the same in many ways. Both are sweet, they’re sisters, and are awesome, both are female, and share a room. They both like to do things, and they’re both very blonde.

In the end, they are very different, yet very much the same, and the best part, they’re best friends.

best friends

Yep. He nailed that one.  Good work Buddy.

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