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Latest from the Blog

The Cowboy and the Steer

Some days, no matter what you do, you just can’t get the cows to do what you want. We had one of those days recently. Our steer was ready to be butchered, we had a stock trailer standing by, and extra guys to help load him. All we needed to do was get that one … Continue reading The Cowboy and the Steer

The Hidden Blessings

The unexpected, extended time with our kids has been a hidden blessing during this tough season. It’s almost surreal how life goes on after cancer turns everything upside down. Meals still need to be made. There’s always laundry to do. And if you live in the country – cows need to be feed, fences fixed, … Continue reading The Hidden Blessings

The Silent Months Pt. 2

Just as Steven and Laura were coming out on the other side of their hard journey, Jan and I entered our own. The day after Thanksgiving Jan noticed some odd tingling in his left leg.We weren’t very worried at the time, we just figured it was a herniated disk in his back. But as the … Continue reading The Silent Months Pt. 2

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