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The Silent Months Pt. 2

Just as Steven and Laura were coming out on the other side of their hard journey, Jan and I entered our own. The day after Thanksgiving Jan noticed some odd tingling in his left leg.We weren’t very worried at the time, we just figured it was a herniated disk in his back. But as the … Continue reading The Silent Months Pt. 2

The Silent Months Pt. 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you all. A long while. My silence wasn’t planned, but sometimes God takes us down paths we never expected to be on. Soon after my last post, our much loved son-in-law was shot while serving a warrant as a deputy sheriff. Thankfully, he is healing well, but the … Continue reading The Silent Months Pt. 1

Labor Day on the Prairie

I’m not sure how it happened – but it seems like yesterday was mid-July and now Labor Day week-end is over! And once again we filled it full of family and fun – spending the weekend at my parents with most of my extended family at our 27th Annual Labor Day celebration. We now have three generations making memories on the … Continue reading Labor Day on the Prairie

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