It Sure Tastes Sweet

I wish you could smell my house right now!

Sugar Cookies
Row after row of cookies are cooling on the table – sugar cookies, monster cookies and giant gingersnaps.
Ginger snapsAnd then there’s the muffins! Dozens of them – all waiting to be packaged and delivered.

Why the baking frenzy?

Dagmar got a huge order for baked goods that need to be delivered to an open house tomorrow.
MuffinsShe decided on her recipes, figured out what she needed for ingredients, did the shopping herself and spent all day in the kitchen.

And everything looks and smells wonderful!

What was my role in this venture? Mentor, quality control, chief taste tester and proud momma.

I never saw this coming years ago when she was sitting on the counter beside me licking the spatula!

It sure tastes sweet.

Rhea Perry’s Entrepreneur Days: A Look Back

We had an amazing time in Atlanta last week at Rhea Perry’s Entrepreneur Days! I know I promised you all some details, but I’m not sure where to start!

We crammed so much into our four days at the conference that it’s almost overwhelming to try to compact it into one blog post. But I will try to give you a small glimpse…

Rhea Perry with me

It all began with an amazing lady, Rhea Perry. Years ago she created a new system to educate her children that she called Entrepreneurial Education. She started a small Yahoo group of other like-minded people which grew and grew and grew….

Now she hosts two major events a year to teach parents and teens how to create and run successful home businesses. This Conference in Atlanta was one of her events.

Greg Cesar and Jan(Photo by Jennifer Navarrete)

Here’s a picture of my husband (center) talking to Greg Cesar (right), the Adwords Guru. I love this picture because it sums up what we like best about Rhea’s events, the access. Greg Cesar was around all weekend and he was always talking to someone. I learned more about marketing in his presentation than I even knew existed!

I wish I had a picture of Mike Stewart, the audio-visual guy (who even impressed by very techno-advanced 15 yr. old son!), or Don Crowther the Social Sites guy…or… The list could go on and on.

But my very favorite part of Entrepreneur Days are the amazing people I meet. People just like us who have an entrepreneurial mind set and want to train their children to think outside the box of traditional education. The friendships and the connections we made were priceless.

Rhea’s Entreprenurial Days!

I’m so excited!

We’re registered and have our hotel rooms for Rhea’s Entrepreneurial Days in Atlanta!

Every year our friend Rhea Perry hosts an amazing 3 day event focusing on entrepreneurial subjects. This year the conference will be held in Atlanta on August 15th-16th, and we’re going!

For years we heard about Rhea’s conferences and we even purchased a few of the tape sets from previous events, but it wasn’t until we attended our first live event last year that we really understood what we were missing.

It’s not just about the information we received (which was incredible and almost overwhelming!) but the networking opportunities. We spent a weekend with people just like us who want to bring Dad home to work.

There were some who were just starting out and others who had been on their entrepreneurial journey for awhile. We had some incredible discussions and made some great friends!

We took our oldest two children with us last year and it was a life-changing event for them as well. They saw kids their own age who had businesses up and running. Kids who were making real money from home, on their computers. And they made friends, lots of friends!

This conference is a great place to bring your teenagers! Some have called it “The Ultimate Home School Field Trip.”

But the real bonus to Rhea’s event is the access to the speakers themselves. They were right there ready to answer questions and talk. They were available for lunch or a discussion between sessions. There was a round table discussion one evening where we sat with these speakers, 10 people around a table, and asked any questions we had. Wow!

So I’m ready to pack my bags and prepare for a round trip! We’re heading to Atlanta to see just what Rhea has planned for this year!

If you’d like more information on this conference you can check it out at

I’d love to meet you there!

First Ever Farmer’s Market

Farmer's MarketI was a pretty proud Mama yesterday as I helped my 13 year old daughter prepare for her first table at a Farmer’s Market.

This is a dream come true for Dagmar. She enjoys baking and would love to get paid for it. When she saw the notice in the paper that a Farmer’s Market was being organized, she was thrilled!

This is the first time our small community has had an organized Farmer’s Market in the ten years we’ve been here, so we really didn’t know what to expect.

Dagmar baked for 2 days to get prepared. We weren’t sure how to organize the baking since we only have one oven, but it went surprising well. Everything was baked by noon and had time to cool before we packaged it up. (I will say that other than taking the rolls off of a tray or two, she did all of the baking herself.)

She named her business “Farm Girl’s Kitchen” and made little tags on the computer to label her items. She also made up business cards so if people wanted to order, they could contact her.

The Market it self went very well. There were steady crowds fall evening and just a few other vendors. Her table was nicely put together and looked neat. The food looked fresh (because it was!) and she even gave out free samples. It worked! She sold out quickly on cinnamon rolls, gingersnaps, and peanut butter cookies.

Actually she didn’t have much of anything left to bring home!

We were both pretty tired last night, but excited to bake again for next week!