Matt’s home!

After spending the better part of the summer and early fall working at Summit Ministries in Colorado – my oldest is home for a few days.

And I do mean just a few days!

We picked him up at the airport Saturday afternoon – and it’s a been a whirlwind ever since!

Cousins after church on Sunday. Jan’s folks on Monday. More cousins on Tuesday. A quick trip to Michigan over the weekend to check out a college and then even more family visits next week before flying out on Thursday.


We’re making all his favorite foods – apple crisp, cinnamon rolls, and meringues.

Enjoying deep conversations, impromptu swings dances  and his really eclectic music choices.

Somehow in the craziness we’ll find the time to pack him up, give him some refresher cooking courses and prepare to send him out to make his fame and fortune.

Well – at least survive the winter on his own in Colorado. 🙂

But right now – I’m just savoring the moment.

Soaking in all the bustle and activity.

Knowing that in a few days everything will settle back down.

And my oldest will be out on his own again.

It’s a bittersweet thought.

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