The Hidden Blessings

The unexpected, extended time with our kids has been a hidden blessing during this tough season. It’s almost surreal how life goes on after cancer turns everything upside down. Meals still need to be made. There’s always laundry to do. And if you live in the country – cows need to be feed, fences fixed, … Continue reading The Hidden Blessings

The Silent Months Pt. 2

Just as Steven and Laura were coming out on the other side of their hard journey, Jan and I entered our own. The day after Thanksgiving Jan noticed some odd tingling in his left leg.We weren’t very worried at the time, we just figured it was a herniated disk in his back. But as the … Continue reading The Silent Months Pt. 2

The Silent Months Pt. 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you all. A long while. My silence wasn’t planned, but sometimes God takes us down paths we never expected to be on. Soon after my last post, our much loved son-in-law was shot while serving a warrant as a deputy sheriff. Thankfully, he is healing well, but the … Continue reading The Silent Months Pt. 1

Labor Day on the Prairie

I’m not sure how it happened – but it seems like yesterday was mid-July and now Labor Day week-end is over! And once again we filled it full of family and fun – spending the weekend at my parents with most of my extended family at our 27th Annual Labor Day celebration. We now have three generations making memories on the … Continue reading Labor Day on the Prairie

Moving Day

It was moving day again at Windy Ridge. Another chick has flown the coop! Thankfully, she didn’t fly far! Anna is renting a house about 25 minutes away, closer to church and friends, but a little farther from work. Far enough away to be independent, but close enough to see often. She’s spent the last … Continue reading Moving Day

4H Mom No More

It’s county fair time again, but this year has brought some changes. For the last few years I’ve worn two hats – 4H mom and 4H leader, making for a pretty stressful fair week. But for the first time in forever, I do not have a child with 4H exhibits. I am no longer a 4H mom. To be honest, … Continue reading 4H Mom No More

Beware the Swing

I love adventure days with my husband! We took one recently that included two states, three green houses and three different Amish groceries. And Orscheln Farm and Home. Because there is always some doodad or thingamajig that the tractor or the animals or the farmer needs. Always. I don’t mind these Orscheln stops; at least they have nice bathrooms. … Continue reading Beware the Swing

The Weather Radio

  Ah…spring in the country. Blue skies, green grass and the singing of birds! And the incessant buzzing of the weather radio. I have a love/hate relationship with this vital piece of our homestead. I obviously love it because it has the potential to save our lives.  When you live beyond the sidewalks there are no … Continue reading The Weather Radio


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