The Mystery of the Chocolate Fairies

It began as a typical Sunday evening.

It was 9:00 and all 5 children had headed upstairs to prepare for bed and the coming week.  My husband was on the computer in the basement and I was  foraging in the freezer when we heard a loud knock on the back door.

I started up the basement stairs, calling to my husband that he better come too – it was probably some Amish who needed work done.  (They are the ones who would normally knock on our door at 9:00 at night!)

I turned on the porch light and opened the door – but there was no one there. I looked around for a buggy or a vehicle – but saw nothing.

Then I looked down and saw this:

Chocolate fairies

Yes! Chocolate! I grabbed them up quickly and looked around – no one was there! I wondered – “Why would the Amish guy leave me chocolate?”

By then my husband had joined me. He too, looked up and down the driveway and the farm yard – but he saw nothing.

After yelling out in the darkness “Thanks for the chocolate!” (I didn’t want to appear ungrateful!), we headed upstairs to see if the kids had seen or heard anything.

They had not. But they were game to investigate – especially if it meant missing bedtime!

So armed with flashlights, my brave explorers headed out to the darkness to uncover any clues to the mystery.

They came back in soon after – laughing and giggling – with 6 really cute chocolate fairies – who were preparing to lay out yet another 3 bags of chocolate on my doorstep!

Chocolate fairies

These adorable chocolate fairies were my nieces and nephews, who along with their parents, were heading home after a week long vacation. Our house was on the way – and they needed a quick break.

They had spent the last few hours planning their stop – and – knowing my love for chocolate – they thought a little surprise would be fun! It was!

But they didn’t just bring candy – they also brought a chocolate truffle cake and cheesecake to enjoy!

The Chocolate Lady

So after eating way more chocolate than any child should at 9:30 at night – we enjoyed some talking, a little playing, and they were on their way home – loaded with enough sugar to make it the last 3 hours of their journey!

I love surprises – especially ones that involve the chocolate fairies!

And I really love making chocolate memories!

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