To the Mom of a Learning Disabled Child…

We recently attended a Real Estate conference put on by our friend Rhea Perry. It was a wonderful event and as always, our favorite part was the fellowship with other like-minded home schoolers. We are always amazed at the people God puts in our paths at these events.

We were invited out to lunch one day by a lovely couple that we had meet the very first day. As we got to know each other over our meal, I was amazed at how different we were, yet how very much the same.

She was city, I was country. She was athletic and my idea of exercise is a stroll through the prairie stopping to identify the flowers. She has amazing business acumen and insight, and I cringe at the sight of numbers. She would love to have her own business and I would rather move words around a sheet of paper than close a deal. Yet, we’ve both put ourselves and our dreams aside for a time to teach our children at home.

They have four very beautiful children, one of whom is learned disabled. She’s a bright, tenacious, athletic child, but struggles with her school work. Her mom spends hours every day with her, teaching her and working with her. It’s a daily struggle.

As they shared, I could see the pain and frustration in this mom’s eyes. She was doing everything she knew to help her her child. She researched and investigated and tried different things, but all the effort was taking a toll.

She was tired and discouraged.

I’m sure in the back of her mind she was wondering if through all this sacrifice, she would somehow lose herself. Her dreams has been on hold for so long, would she ever have time to try out her ideas and use her unique and God-given talents?

She loves her children dearly, but this journey called home schooling was hard, especially with a child with learning disabilities.

I didn’t have a chance to tell her much that day because of the crowded restaurant and our very tight schedules. But since we’ve returned home, I’ve thought of her often. If I could see her again, I would take both of her hands in mine and look her right in the eyes. Then with all the compassion I have, I would tell her:

Honey, your work is not in vain.

Please know that our God does not make mistakes. He sent that child to you because you are the perfect one to mother her. God also knows your talents and abilities, after all, He gave them to you. He knows how you should best use them for His glory, and when.

Measure your daily success by God’s standards, and not the world’s. God doesn’t care if your child is on grade level. God doesn’t care what her test scores were. God cares about the heart. Is your child loving and kind? Does she have a heart to serve Him? Those are the things that ultimately matter.

Right now it seems as if your life is on hold, but it isn’t. You haven’t lost yourself, nor will you. Like Moses, you are in the desert while God works on you and prepares you. Little by little He is using this time to mold you and make you into the amazing woman you were created to be. A woman that reflects His glory.

When this season is over, your children will be far richer because of your sacrifices. You are giving them the gift of yourself and that is priceless.

You will be richer, too. You will have seen God’s miraculous provisions. You will know God’s amazing power; and you will have experienced His never-ending love.

Don’t be discouraged. God hasn’t forgotten you. All of this has a purpose and a plan.

Quiet your heart in this strenuous journey and find Him in the desert.

You are an amazing woman and God will bless your efforts.

Don’t give up.

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