Cold Frames and Cold Weather!

A dream came true for me a few weeks ago… I have a cold frame.

Now many of you are probably looking at me a little funny. What in the world is a cold frame and why is it a dream come true? I’m so glad you asked!

A cold frame is basically a portable green house. You can plant seeds in the ground and cover them with the cold frame to extend your growing season.

I’ve had one on my husband’s “honey do” list for several years, but it never quite happened. It took the high cost of fresh produce this spring to send him out to the shop to figure out something!

Now this cold frame will never grace the cover of Better Homes and Gardens because it isn’t very attractive. It’s a big white plastic square container that my husband found in his pile of treasures out behind the shop. (I used to call this his “junk pile” but have since learned that he can make amazing things from his pile of junk-I mean treasures!)

He cut off the top and bottom and set it on my newly planted lettuce and spinach plants. An old wooden gate on the top allowed rain to come in and still keep chickens out.

No, it isn’t pretty. But it works! I just checked today and I have the cutest little lettuce and spinach plants popping up!

It has been unseasonably cold here the last few days and we’ve even had snow flurries. I won’t be in the big garden for at least another week or more to plant anything. Yet, I have a head start. By the time I get the rest of the seeds in the ground, we should be eating and enjoying fresh baby lettuce and spinach.

Yes, it is a “make-do” cold frame. But that’s what homesteaders do best. We take what we have and re-purpose it to make what we need.

Now I have fresh vegetables growing in a cold frame that cost us nothing but a little time and some ingenuity!

I can almost taste the fresh salad now!

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