Farm Fresh

DSC_0008Kinda excited today.

Not only are we packing up for our annual amazing July 4th camping trip with my family –

but I just realized that much of the food I’m bringing for my assigned meal, we grew or raised ourselves.

The broccoli in the broccoli salad – yep – I planted that one as a tiny black seed back in March.

And the bits of bacon sitting so pretty in the same salad came from our own pigs.

That container of lettuce big enough to feed an army – I grew that, too. And spent all morning washing it.

Those 2 ice cream buckets full of peas in the pod were picked fresh this morning.

We raised the ground beef and sausage in the meatballs. Oh – and the spaghetti sauce that they will float in – yep – I canned that last fall from our garden tomatoes.

I’m kind of amazed.

All that hard work.

All that fencing.

All those pig chases.

The bugs. The rain. The drought. The weeds.

And it worked!

Not gonna lie – it feels pretty good.

Yep – kinda excited today. 🙂

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