Sacrifices of Thanksgiving

My house is hustling with activity as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

Many batches of dinner rolls are made, cookies baked, casseroles assembled.

My list is miles long.  My help a little distracted.

I can only imagine the scene in your home today. 🙂

But in the busyness of the season- can we stop for a moment and focus on thanksgiving?

Not the holiday with the food and the family and the responsibilities – but the idea.

You know – the attitude of gratefulness that we should be displaying in our lives.

How’s your heart? Are you thankful?

A quick look through scripture shows us that the word thanksgiving is often used with the word sacrifice.

Psalm 107:22 “And let them offer the sacrifices of thanksgiving.”

What a thought.

When I hear the word sacrifice I see Abraham posed with a knife over Isaac.

Or Mary breaking the bottle of expensive perfume and anointing the feet of the Savior, wiping it with her hair.

Yet scripture tells us that every “thank you” that we offer up to the Lord is a sacrifice.

Something precious – laid at His feet.

A gift.

What a beautiful, amazing thought!

May my heart say with the Psalmist –

“I will offer to thee the sacrifices of thanksgiving” Psalm 116:17

I ask again, how is your heart? Is it full of thanksgiving?

Offer them to the Lord as a sacrifice.

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