My Sister Goes “Batty”

little_brown_bat_fwsMy niece recently sent me this true story – and  I had to share it with you all!

I’m sure many of us can relate!

I was not there, so this account is from mother.

Mom woke up in the middle of the night when she heard something that sounded like a mouse burrowing in paper. She listened for awhile and finally woke my Dad up.

When Dad turned on a light, the creature that was in the corner FLEW!

It was a bat and it was in their bedroom.

Mom started to scream, “Kill it, kill it!”

Dad jumped out of bed and slammed the bedroom door – now making mom and dad stuck with the bat! <insert dramatic dooms day music>

Dad started jumping around the room trying to catch it when it occurred to him that he had nothing to put it in.  So he rounded the bat into the master bathroom and slammed the door on him (again).

Then dad bounded out of the bedroom looking for a box leaving Mom screaming and hiding under the covers.

Now that Dad was gone she was a bit more nervous, especially when it occurred to her that the bat could fit under the small space under the bathroom door!

Just then she saw a head stick out from under the bathroom door and mom says she’s almost certain it stuck his tongue out at her!

Then Dad heroically returned with a box and started the chase again! He finally caught it in the box and removed it from the house.

My mom may never be the same.

I can understand why! My only question is – do bats really have tongues?!

3 thoughts on “My Sister Goes “Batty”

  1. Your niece & you have the same genes!! I’m sitting here laughing at something that would have normally freaked me out!

    So….do bats have tongues?

    Create a Great Day!


  2. Okay I may have to clear up a few facts. The bat flew up and then flew around the room while I was under the covers totally freaked out. It was HUGE! We measured the wing span at 11 in. (this was after he was dead).

    He flew into the master bath and thus we shut the door. He did stick his head out from under the door and I may have imagined the tongue but I was sure he was laughing at me and thinking “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo…I’m going to get you!”

    He actually hid in the bathroom and it took my husband a while to find him (or her…who knows) and then it snarled at my husband. I shudder to think.

    I’ll take a mouse any day over a bat which is really a mouse with wings when it is in your house. Let them fly free and eat bugs…just stay away from me!


    1. Amen! Fly free somewhere else and eat bugs- just don’t come in my house!

      Mouse with wings- how true!

      Have you discovered how he got in yet?


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