Small Victories

Can we talk about the weather this winter? I’ve been trying to find an appropriate adjective to describe it, but I’m torn between unrelenting and horrid.

It’s been frigid, snowy, icy, rainy, foggy, windy, and muddy.

Sometimes all on the same day.

It’s been tough. Frozen bales. Snow drifts. Tractors that won’t start.  Cows that walk over drifted fences. Ice. There were several days the only vehicle we could get out of the driveway was the 4 wheel drive truck – and that was iffy.

No church for three weeks in a row.

We had to cancel the Valentine’s Banquet, which is my favorite church event all year.

But the saddest part of all was that none of the kids could come for my birthday, and the weather was so bad Jan couldn’t even take me out.

It looked for a little bit like winter had us beat.

But we’re tougher than that. We got creative with our schedules and found a Saturday to get together with the kids.

Then February fought back with a massive blizzard due to arrive that day.

But we were undaunted. We watched the weather forecast with the intensity of a mama who was sick of winter and wanted to see her babies. It looked as if the rain would turn to snow about 6:00 in the evening, giving us a small window of opportunity, when the ice from the night before had melted but before the snow started.

And we took it!

It might have been one of the crazier things we have ever done, but we drove an hour and half in dense fog and drizzle to Laura and Steven’s.

We didn’t have a lot of time to do much, but we were together. I saw their faces. I hugged their necks.

And we left at exactly 4:15, which was enough time to get home before the snow started.

We hit heavy rain less than 10 minutes into the drive.

It turned to sleet.

And then snow flurries for the last 45 minutes.

But we made it!

Over three hours on the road to spend a little over 4 hours with our kids. It was so worth it.

So there, Winter! After weeks of giving in to the weather, we finally beat it!

It was a small victory, but oh so sweet!

It might be dangerously cold outside again today and there might be more snow in the forecast this week, but that little victory has given me confidence.

Winter won’t win.



Welcome Back Winter

Snow ClothesWell hell-oo winter!

I guess you’ve decided to show up after all – and how!

After a very mild fall, and weeks of above normal temperatures, you finally arrive with below zero wind chills and snow flurries – overnight.

Really? Couldn’t you have broken us in gently?

One day I take a walk in jeans and a hoodie.

Just 24 hours later it takes me 15 minutes to don insulated coveralls, boots, a winter coat, ski gloves and a stocking cap just to get the mail. Talk about full battle gear!

All together that pile of winter wear weighs over 5 pounds.

You know there’s nothing like a pair of insulated coveralls and an extra 5 pounds of weight to make a gal feel ladylike and feminine!

And there is absolutely nothing very positive that one can say about “hat hair” – especially hat hair full of static from the dry cold.

Okay winter – I’ll admit that you hit us with hard left-hook, but you haven’t won this round!

Yes, I know that the electric fencer isn’t working, both the hydrant and the water in the cow tank are frozen, and the satellite internet is spotty.

But both cars started, the well is still running and the furnace is working just fine!

And the sun is out, the cows are staying in the fence, and I have running water in the house.

You may have knocked us for a loop – but you haven’t beaten us yet! You just make us tougher.

So there.

Anybody up for a winter walk? 🙂