Bottomless Pits

Can we talk a minute about teenagers and their appetites?

People warned me about growth spurts – but seriously!!

Pedro must be in the midst of a big one because all the kid does is eat. At a meal he will eat 3 huge helpings of everything on the table, a big dessert, drink the juice that is left in the bottom of the corn bowl, lick the ketchup of his plate and look around the table for more.

It reminds me of the classic Pooh movie when Winnie the Pooh goes to Rabbit’s for tea. He eats and eats and eats.

Finally Rabbit asks him, “Would you like some more?”

Pooh responds eagerly, “Is there anymore?”

To which Rabbit gives a firm, “No.”

“Oh bother,” is Pooh’s response.

Oh bother is right!

This kid will eat us out of house and home! When I walk in our local grocery store the check-out ladies just smile and call in reinforcements!

Years ago – when Pedro was an baby- he was sitting in his car seat in the grocery cart as I was shopping. As I unloaded the last of my purchases from the cart at the check-out counter – I pointed to Pedro in the cart and joked that this one was already paid for.

The check-out guy quipped, “That’s what you think – just wait till he’s a teenager.”

Oh my – how right he was!