The Weather Radio


Ah…spring in the country.

Blue skies, green grass and the singing of birds!

And the incessant buzzing of the weather radio.

I have a love/hate relationship with this vital piece of our homestead.

I obviously love it because it has the potential to save our lives.  When you live beyond the sidewalks there are no tornado sirens to warn you of impending bad weather.

We can’t depend on the local TV station – because there isn’t one. And even if there was – satellite TV is the first to go when the clouds roll in.

Not that they would be able to tell us if we were in the path of the storm. Even our GPS has no idea where we are. When we turn on our gravel road it tells us “Driving on (then a pause as if confused) road.”

Our cell phones are useless. Our cell service is spotty even in good weather.

We really depend on that weather radio.

So, why do I hate such an important and useful tool?

You would not be asking that question if you had ever been awakened from a deep sleep with the incessant beeping of a weather radio.

Seriously. It’s enough to cause a heart attack. Or bladder issues.

And when you are in active weather pattern like we have been for the last ten days – it goes off night after night after night.

We get so sleep deprived, I want to unplug the thing, kiss my husband and say “If we don’t make it through the night, I’ll see you in glory, honey!”

It would be bad enough if it was just storms that directly affected us. But the weather radio covers a large listening area and many of the storms are well north, or south, or east or west of us. Then, when you finally settle back to sleep, it goes off again to tell you that same area has a flash flood warning.

You would think in this day and age someone would create a personal weather radio. One that said, “Hit the basement, Melinda! The tornado is about ten minutes out!”

Or, “Wake up! You have 15 minutes to get the chickens in before the torrential rainfall begins!”

Or. “Better cover your tender plants, it’s gonna freeze tonight!”

Surely, with our GPS capabilities this could be a thing!

Oh wait, GPS doesn’t even know where we are.

Scratch that idea.

And there it goes again – the incessant weather radio alarm informing me of our daily afternoon storm. Better get this posted – I’m about to lose internet.

Ahh…spring in the country!



Weather Radios: A Must Have for Rural Living

weather radio

One of the things I missed most when I moved to the country was the tornado siren.

I know it sounds silly, but there was comfort in knowing that if severe weather was coming I would be warned, especially in the middle of the night.

The spring we stood and watched a deadly tornado destroy trees and homes just to our south made me more determined than ever to protect our family.

We had no warning. None of the TV stations had covered it. None of the radio stations mentioned it. A neighbor called in and reported it as it picked up in intensity and stayed on the ground for miles.

That’s when we got a weather radio. It’s plugged in 24/7 year around. During the spring of the year it goes off frequently, day and night. But what a blessing it is to know that if severe weather is coming my way, I will be warned.

Now that’s peace of mind everyone who lives in the country needs to have!

More Thunderstorms and My Weather Radio

rain drops on blade of grass

“We’re in another active weather pattern this week.”

I think I’ve heard the weatherman say that everyday now for weeks!

We’ve had storms overnight with the sun peeking through around noon.

Then the heat and humidity pick up and we have storms overnight with the sun peeking through around noon…and then the heat and humidity pick up…and on and on…

During this time of year our weather radio is our best friend.

Living out as rural as we do, there are no tornado sirens to warm us of severe weather. We watch the skies during the day, but what we do at night?

Living on the border of two states makes us especially vulnerable. We need to hear forecasts and warnings from both sides of the border to know what’s happening.

About 5 years ago we watched a tornado go by to the south of us. It started in Missouri and crossed the border and we didn’t even know it was coming. That scared us!

We decided it was time to get a weather radio, actually two of them, one for upstairs where we sleep and one for the main floor. Both are programmed for where we live. All watches and warnings that pertain to us are broadcast right into our house.

First we hear an obnoxious and very loud beeping signal, then the watch or warning is given.

We listen to everyone. Someday it may just save our lives.