Styling Mama

OutfitHaving teenage daughters is interesting for many, many reasons.

But especially when it comes to clothes – MY clothes.

Take yesterday for instance.

I finally lost enough weight to fit into a sweet denim skirt that had been hanging on the hanger for sometime.  Both girls loved it and totally approved.

Well, they approved until I tried to pair it with a top.

I pulled my favorite blue cardigan sweater out of the drawer and put it on with the skirt. Dagmar took one look and hedged with “That’s not too bad <ackward pause>  I guess.”

Angel Girl was much more direct. She took one look at me and said, “Mom- that’s an old lady sweater.”

Ouch! So much for feeling young and hip.

I swallowed my pride and dug deeper in the drawer. We finally all decided on a sweater and even paired it with a necklace.

I was feeling my confidence  return.  Silly me. I forgot we still had to choose shoes to complete my look.

I glanced at the choices lined up in front of me and decided to play it safe – I just asked Dagmar point blank which shoes I should wear.

She picked out a pair of flats and I put them on.



The girls both smiled.

I smiled.

I should have left it alone and been content.

But I did not.

Instead I said, ” You know – maybe I should get a pair of leggings to go with this skirt?”

Dagmar’s eyebrows went up.

“Or maybe not…”

So… I guess I’m too young for my favorite cardigan sweater and too old for leggings.

Maybe it’s a good thing I have 2 girls to dress me.