I just can’t do it.

There is no way that I can physically accomplish everything on my to-do list this week.

I started out behind – thanks to all the rain last week – and have been in a race with myself ever since. A losing race.

We’re trying to finish up school, pack up 3 kids for a road trip to Tennessee for a week long Teen Pact National Convention, finish planting the garden, mow the lawn  (that’s so long we should bale it!) and I need to clean house because I have company coming this morning. 🙂 And – we still need to eat and wear clean clothes!

Remember those tomato plants I started last January? They are huge and need to get in the garden – but it was still too wet yesterday. Since we have more rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow – I should really get them in today after school and company.

But – I have a date with my husband scheduled tonight. Sorry tomatoes – the date will win every time! We will probably end up at Wal-Mart though, buying travel size toothpaste and new underwear for the kids before they leave. (Am I the only mom who can’t send her kids out in the world without new underwear?!)

I think I just need an extra day this week – like another Saturday. Do you think I could trade in a rainy wet Monday for a beautiful sunny Saturday? Please?!

<heavy sigh>

Can you tell that things are little crazy this week? My mind is a bit frantic trying to remember all the details.

I could use a little peace.

When we were at my brother’s house last weekend we saw his incredible 3 story tree house (think Swiss Family Robinson). When things get too stressful for him – he climbs up with good book and unwinds.

DockSound wonderful – but I’m not a tree house person (I’m scared of heights). When I need time to decompress I walk out to the pond and lay on the dock.

Surrounded by the water, listening to the winds in the willows, watching the clouds in the brilliant blue sky – I relax.

But I don’t have time to climb a tree – or take a walk. I don’t even have time to breathe this today!

Yet – I can still have peace.

Psalms 46:10 “”Be still, and know that I am God…”

It’s a simple as being quiet and acknowledging that God is God.

He’s in control.

The more I know about who God is – how big and marvelous and strong – the more insignificant my to-list seems.

The sun will still rise tomorrow even if the tomatoes don’t get planted.

It’s all about perspective.

Eternal perspective.