Operation: Save the Garden

It stopped raining. Finally.

We’ve now had an entire week of gorgeous weather – mid 80’s – low humidity and a light breeze.  🙂

The farmer’s are making hay as fast as they can – and we set out to save the garden.

You may remember my grass-covered corn patch of a week ago. Well – look at it now!

We worked really hard to find the buried corn! It had some hail damage and 3 rows had to replanted – but it’s growing!

Remember the watermelon and cantaloupe plants that I transplanted to replace the ones that never came up? They were covered with grass as well.

Tall grass.

Impossible to weed it all grass.

Made me want to cry to look at it grass.

So we got creative! We took cardboard boxes, cut out a hole and slid them over the plants. Then we took hoes and chopped the grass down around the plants and covered the entire area with cardboard boxes. The whole thing.

We used every cardboard box on the farm. Toward the end the kids were even dumping things out of boxes and ripping them down. It was a last ditch desperate attempt.  But we did it.

Then we covered them all with grass clippings. The kids said it was kind of like laying carpet! It looks great and so far it’s working with just a few stray blades of grass peaking through where the cardboard pieces meet.

And those yellow looking tomatoes? most of them have greened up beautifully – and I even have a couple of blossoms! 🙂

I lost several pepper plants, but still have a few that look pretty good.  I even have one baby jalapeno pepper growing.

Things are most definitely looking up!

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