More Thunderstorms and My Weather Radio

rain drops on blade of grass

“We’re in another active weather pattern this week.”

I think I’ve heard the weatherman say that everyday now for weeks!

We’ve had storms overnight with the sun peeking through around noon.

Then the heat and humidity pick up and we have storms overnight with the sun peeking through around noon…and then the heat and humidity pick up…and on and on…

During this time of year our weather radio is our best friend.

Living out as rural as we do, there are no tornado sirens to warm us of severe weather. We watch the skies during the day, but what we do at night?

Living on the border of two states makes us especially vulnerable. We need to hear forecasts and warnings from both sides of the border to know what’s happening.

About 5 years ago we watched a tornado go by to the south of us. It started in Missouri and crossed the border and we didn’t even know it was coming. That scared us!

We decided it was time to get a weather radio, actually two of them, one for upstairs where we sleep and one for the main floor. Both are programmed for where we live. All watches and warnings that pertain to us are broadcast right into our house.

First we hear an obnoxious and very loud beeping signal, then the watch or warning is given.

We listen to everyone. Someday it may just save our lives.