Teachin’ This Ole Dog a New Trick

I sent my very first text message yesterday.

And I’m very proud of it – thank you. 🙂

It only took me 20 minutes to send my husband a text saying that I loved him. Twenty minutes.

Had we been talking on the phone or in person that would have been time enough for an in depth conversation!

But I least now I feel like a cool kid – kinda – in a very slow kind of way.

I am amazed when I watch my kids text – their fingers just fly over the tiny keyboard. How do they do that?

Then my son told me about some shortcuts – like using u for you and r for are.

Which makes sense – I guess. But I still have trouble  writing in shorthand with no punctuation and I have an ingrained need to spell things correctly. Thank you Mrs. Delnay.

Did you know there’s a whole new language to learn? There are literally thousands of shortcuts and abbreviations to remember. LOL means lots of laughs and TTYL means talk to you later.

BWTM! (But wait there’s more!)

Then there’s the variations on the abbreviations:  ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing. ROFLOL means rolling on the floor laughing out loud.  ROFLTIC means rolling on the floor laughing till I cry.  Which in my case may lead to ROFLOLAPMP – rolling on the floor laughing  out loud and peeing my pants.

Is this like conjagating verbs?

I wonder if there’s a pocket dictionary?

RWHFY – are we having fun yet?

Oh my! And when I was growing up we thought Pig Latin was fun! Oday ouyay ememberay?

I wonder if I will ever master this?

But then so does my husband. When he left this morning he needed some information but was in a hurry – so he said “you can just text me”. We both BOL – burst out laughing.  (BTW – by the way –  I made that one up!)

This sure isn’t as E123 (easy as one to three) but I might just get it – YKWIM (you know what I mean?)

I guess sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks.

As Winnie the Pooh says, “TTFN” (Ta Ta For Now!)

Photo courtesy of Alton.