The Great Make-Up Debate

Make UpI knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t ready for it.

It was another one of those “rites of passage”. Another “coming of age” event.

My oldest daughter asked to wear make-up.

My mind went blank.

I immediately used my standard answer whenever I didn’t know how else to respond, “Let me talk to your father.”  (Notice I said “father” and not “dad” or “daddy” for a momentous decision like this?!)

It’s been a very busy time around the house preparing for several major events in the next few weeks – so her request got lost in the jumbled up mess that is my memory these days.

So she asked again.

I said the jury is still out.

She waited and asked again.

This time I responded, “Honey, I don’t see the need to paint the barn if you’re not ready to attract a farmer.”

Let’s just say that didn’t go over so well.

But there was a reason for my remark.

Remember that I’m the “minimum maintenance mom” here. I only wear a touch of mascara and eye shadow when I leave the house – if I remember.

I’ve never worn much for make-up, even in high school and college, except for one stretch of time. It was  after college and I was teaching at a Christian school. One of my friends was a consultant for Beauti -Control cosmetics and to help her out I had a party.

Three of my best “minimum maintenance friends” joined me for a make-over.

We all felt beautiful when it was over and bought the entire system from face cleanser to this weird green-colored base.

We even wore it faithfully – especially to the church single outings. Within a year three of us were engaged. 🙂

I’ve always wondered if it was the make-up.

I finally did have a talk with my husband. I even asked the advice of my two older and wiser sisters.

The result was a mother/daughter outing for mascara and a very pale eye shadow.

We’re not totally painting the barn – just highlighting the windows.

My baby girl is growing up.