Matt’s Home!

Excuse my absence in blog world this week – but Matt’s home!

matt's home!

We picked him up at the airport in route to my family’s annual “Christmas Over Labor Day” celebration. (More on that later!)

It’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Kinda like having Christmas break the second week of school.

When the tomatoes are all ripe.

And the green beans need to be picked.

matt is home

A little crazy. But sooo good!

We’re making time for movie nights (The Hobbit of course!) and corn on the cob and brother/sister coffee dates.

We’ve squeezed meaningful conversations in between 4H meetings and batches of spaghetti sauce.

And lots of rest – which is just what he needs after a full summer staffing at Summit Ministries.

We’re making every minute count this week!

Matt’s home!


Chaos reigns this week.

I have 2 kids leaving for TeenPact Congress, Dagmar leaving for her 2 weeks at Summit, our annual day-long VBS at our house on Saturday, and tomatoes ripening fast.


My house has been filled with questions.

“Mom, do you spell TayLynn with one n or two?”


“Where’s the travel size toothpaste?”

In the bathroom cupboard.

“Mom – we are just ran out of printer paper and I still have over 80 pages to print!”

Eighty pages? What are you printing?!

Mom I can’t find…

Mom do you think…

Mom I need…


All the while we’re baking cookies to send along, canning 20 quarts of spaghetti sauce, and keeping the garden watered.

There are piles everywhere – VBS piles, Teen Pact piles, Summit piles, laundry piles and piles of tomatoes.


And here I am in the middle of it.

A part of me is cherishing this moment, while the other part is frantically trying to remember where I hid my secret stash of M & M’s!

Somehow though – it all works out. The suitcases get packed, the kids hugged and the goodbyes said.

VBS will be over, memories made, and lives touched with the power of the gospel.

And hopefully, I will find the M & M’s.

But for now – chaos reigns.