Photo Finish

Can I be a proud momma for just a minute? Again.

(I know – I know – it’s two weeks in a row – but it is really exciting!)

Angel Girl's prize photo

Angel Girl got a blue ribbon at the state fair. 🙂

The blue ribbon itself isn’t what I most proud of – she’s gotten those before. But this ribbon is in photography.

Her passion. Something she”s been working very hard on.

Last year none of her photos made it past the stiff competition at the County Fair.

But her judge was wonderful. He spent a lot of time looking at her pictures and gave her some very construction criticism.

And then he told her that she had a natural gift for photography – the artistic  eye needed to find the great shots. All of the other aspects of getting a good picture can be learned – but the ability to see the shot is a gift.

And Angel Girl has it.

(Why do those words make me want to cry – even a year later?)

She soaked up the encouragement, studied the criticisms, and took thousands of pictures over the next year.

And one was chosen for the State Fair.

And got a blue ribbon.

And I just had to share it. 🙂

Lessons Learned on a Family Trip

Having just returned from a short two-day family trip, I am amazed at the life lessons learned!

  • Rides that continually go around in circles (like Merry-Go-Rounds) are not the same after age 30 and should avoided entirely after age 40.
  • Falling asleep in the sun while watching your children on a water slide will result in a sunburn.
  • Spending the next day in the sun at the state fair will only aggravate said sunburn.
  • The free fall on a roller coaster makes one feel like a teenager again.
  • The child who forgets her shoes at home will inevitably step off the merry-go-round in the first 15 minutes of your visit to the amusement park and break her flip flops. This will result in an emergency run to Wal-Mart to buy that child another pair of shoes to wear the rest of the trip. (Of course that child has ten perfectly good pairs at home already!)
  • It is amazingly fast and easy to travel through the State Fair with out a baby in a stroller!
  • The ability to laugh when things don’t go as planned on a trip makes the most amazing memories!
  • There is nothing as wonderful as shower and your own bed after a couple of days away!