Snow Cake Tradition Continues

Chocolate Mousse CakeThe first snow is always an exciting time – but even more so when there is chocolate involved!

It’s a tradition in our house to celebrate the first measurable stick-to-the-ground snow with a snow cake – usually a brownie with powdered sugar sprinkled on the top.

But this year we got a little fancy! Angel girl helped me bake the yummy Chocolate Mousse Cake with a few variations.

We used a small pudding mix and only  put  the filling between the two layers. Then Angel girl cut a cute little snowflake out of paper. She laid it on top and sprinkled it with powdered sugar.

Voila! Snow cake that was enjoyed and devoured by several siblings.

But more importantly, a memory was made and a tradition continued.

Happy first snow!

Snow Cake

Snow Cake Improvisation in the kitchen once again saved the day!

Every year we celebrate the first snow by making and enjoying a snow cake.

Traditionally we have made my favorite chocolate brownie recipe and then sprinkled powdered sugar on the top to look like new fallen snow.

This year however, the first snow came right after the “big move”. It was a time when my pantry was empty and my day was full.

When I heard the excited cries of “It’s snowing!”, my first thought was “Good!”. We had hoped to be in the new house by the first snowfall.

My second thought was one of panic as I frantically tried to remember if I had the ingredients I needed for snow cake, and more importantly, could I find them?!

Thank goodness for Dagmar! She found a brownie recipe and even made it for us. But when it came time to sprinkle the powdered sugar, we realized we were out.

It was time to improvise!

We had just unpacked all my pretty plates and china dishes to fill Grandma’s China hutch. So I pulled out my beautiful star plates. We put a brownie in each one and covered it with a big dollop of whipped cream (the snow).

Arranged together, the snow cake made a pretty presentation and received rave reviews from my children.

This is one special snow cake, it was an old tradition carried to our new home.