Cute Shoes/Cold Toes

DSC_0253I’ve been looking longingly at my cute shoes for several days.

It seems like it’s been months that I’ve been wearing my warm shoes to church.  You know the kind –  the black ones that allow warm socks.

To be honest – these shoes did look cute in November. They were actually appreciated in December and January.

But it’s the end of February now.

And I’m over them. And winter. And snow. And wind chill factors.

Since we had a slight spring-like thaw during the week that melted much of our snow  – I caved yesterday.

I wore my cute little flats to church – they ones that you do not wear with warm socks.  I actually wore no socks.

My husband’s eyebrows went up as I put my coat on. He might have even smiled at my gasp when the cold north wind touched the tender bare skin on my feet.

He kindly pointed out that the air temp was a balmy 20 degrees as he turned the heat on high and redirected it to the floor vents of the van.

He took one last look at my footwear and said, “Sure hope we don’t have car trouble and have to walk five miles with this wind chill.”

I smiled back – but thought to myself,  “Me too!” Because I currently couldn’t feel my toes.

They thawed slightly during church and the potluck meal that followed – but were like ice by the time we drove the thirty miles home.

I found my thickest, warmest winter socks and a comfy grandma quilt and spent the rest of the afternoon warming up with several cups of hot tea.

And today it is snowing.

Good-bye cute little flats.

We’ll try again when spring decides to stay.

Folks – We Have a Problem

Folks we have a problem.

ALL of these shoes….


…need to fit in these buckets. Buckets Somehow I have the feeling it ain’t a’gonna happen.

It’s like putting “2 ton of fertilizer in a 1 ton truck”

I don’t honestly know where all these shoes came from.

Do you think that shoes can have babies when left unworn for a period of time?

I know socks can’t – they just run away from home.

Or maybe we have extra kids hanging around that I haven’t noticed. (Hey Cinnamon – have you done a head count recently? Do you have everybody?)

Maybe it’s time to play Cinderella and find the shoes that fit the kid – and make a large donation of the extras!

Shoes that is.

Not kids.