Poison Ivy Woes

Poison Ivy.poison ivy

It’s never been an issue for me before and I never really paid that much attention to it, until now.  Berry picking in the ravines last week yielded some lovely berries, but also one small circle of poison ivy rash on my right arm.

I wasn’t too worried, at first. It was smaller than a dime. My sister said to immediately apply a cream with hydrocortisone and if possible, take some Benedryl internally.

My only hydrocortisone cream was 10 years old, but I faithfully applied it that night in abundance and the next day as we packed up and traveled to the State park. But as we unpacked the car, it somehow got lost.

Another sister had brought some along so I applied that for the next two days while watching more small patches appear randomly on my arms.

Hmm…maybe there is something to this Benedryl internally thing.

We came home on Sunday with no sign of the hydrocortisone cream. I didn’t worry about it until Monday when more appeared on my leg.

By then I was really itching, but couldn’t seem to find the cream and couldn’t get to town because of the fair projects.

Tuesday, more spots on my other arm.

Wednesday, some of the spots are oozing. Yuck!

Thursday, it’s time for some Benedryl internally and some fresh cream!

The Benedryl slowed the spreading, but wiped me out and left me foggy. I finally stopped taking it over the weekend and today I noticed a few new very small spots.

Now what do I do? (Other than try not to itch!)