It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

It’s raining, it’s pouring…  but this old woman is not snoring – she’s fretting and frustrated!

We have seriously had too much rain. The National Weather Service reported that we have had over 11 inches already in June. That averages out to almost an inch a day. Over 6 of those came at once on the infamous Chuck Norris Saturday – and we haven’t dried out since.

The weather radio seems stuck. “A chance of rain before midnight, some locally heavy. A chance of rain after midnight…”

It’s become almost a joke. Almost.

Your heart goes out to the farmers who should be finishing up their first cutting of hay and starting their second.

Garden Flood

It also goes out to my poor garden. My tomatoes and peppers have been in for almost three weeks now and they are not growing. They look yellowed and forlorn. Shall we talk about my green beans?! They have also been in for 3 weeks. Only 4 seeds germinated. I guess I’ll replant for the third time.

Garden River

Don’t I have a lovely river running through it?!  I guess I shouldn’t complain – some farmers can almost float a bass boat in their fields.


And here is my corn patch -overtaken by grass – it seems to like the wet weather. Trust me – there is corn growing in there – somewhere.

But all is not lost! There are still things to be thankful for. The cool wet weather has meant a longer and more abundant asparagus harvest and the red raspberries are just coming on now. We had our first wild black raspberry this week – and I see one lone blossom on one hearty pepper plant.


Let’s count some more blessings… the corn germinated pretty well and looks good (if we can just get the grass out of it!) The local Amish store had several nice watermelon and cantaloupe plants for sale that replaced everything the ones that didn’t come up from seed (which would be all of them!)

And the rain just stopped for today. The sun is out and the birds are singing.

If only this would last….

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Floods in Iowa…Again, This Time it’s in My Backyard!

We woke last night to very strong winds, thunder, lightening and rain that continued until noon today. When we checked the rain gauge mid-morning we realized that it was overflowing with 5.5 inches. My husband estimates that we had over 7 inches, and possibly as high as 8 inches.

Places north of us got that much rain as well. All through the morning we watched our neighbors bean field fill with water. I first noticed several large puddles, an hour later it was a small pond. By lunch it was a lake.

We drove done to the bridge after lunch to check things out and were amazed at the water. We have never seen it this high!

It had actually covered the road! We wonder how the mail man got through just minutes before?

Here is a close up. The water was rising as we watched.

This is our neighbor’s bean field. Seriously, yesterday it was rows and rows of soybeans, today it’s a lake. Aren’t you glad you’re not an Iowa farmer this year?

Here’s a view from the bridge. The flood waters are moving fast and still rising.

Lake front property? Not really. Just the view from our house, overlooking our neighbor’s bean field. We have more heavy rains forecasted tonight. Maybe it’s time to start building an ark?