Simple Pleasures: The Radish Sandwich

The Simple Radish SandwichA fresh radish sandwich.  Ahh…the simple pleasures of country life!

There’s something very refreshing about a radish sandwich in the springtime. The soft sweetness of the bread contrasts nicely with the bite of the radish and the slight sprinkle of salt.

My dad enjoys them immensely. I will admit that as a child I thought he was kind of nuts to eat them, but as my palate has refined with age, I find that I enjoy them also.

Now my children look at me and shake their heads. I know what they’re thinking, “She must be kind of nuts to eat that!”

Maybe I am, but at least I’m in good company!

Would you like to join me?

Butter a slice of bread (fresh, homemade bread is the best). Slice a radish on top. Sprinkle lightly with salt and enjoy!

Deep Mulch Gardening Part 2

Fresh Radishs

We finally got back into the garden this morning to finish planting. Today was supposed to be sunny and warm with storms coming in tonight and a chance of rain every day the rest of the week.

We woke up to overcast skies and drizzling, but we were desperate.

“Ideal” is long past and we are now dealing with “just make it work”! The ground was wet and the mulch was heavy, but we got it done.

We pushed a path through the mulch to plant the green beans and sweet corn in rows. Matt and I had trouble keeping them straight. It’s a good thing they can’t be seen from the road! It was very hard work and made me question our sanity. At least we didn’t lose any children in the piles of mulch 2 feet high!

But planting the “vineys” (melons, squash, pumpkins, and gourds) was very easy. We just made a hole in the mulch, planted three or four seeds, then marked the hole with a tomato cage or stick. Now when the plants grow, they spread out on the mulch thus staying clean and weed free (at least for the most part).

We worked all morning with on and off rain. We were tired, sore, and very dirty! But it felt great to finally have the entire garden in.

Before going in for lunch I checked the progress of the radishes. I had used seed tape for the first time when planting the radishes and was very pleased with how it worked! I will definitely do that again!

The plants looked great and I was able to pick the first of the season. They were delicious on our garden fresh lettuce salads for lunch.

We’re all tired and sore tonight, but it’s a good feeling. We’ve worked hard and accomplished a huge task. Now it can rain all it wants!