Wish I Had a Pressure Gauge!

pressure gauge

I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with my pressure canner in the last few weeks as the green beans continue to ripen.

Using the pressure canner requires a close watch on the pressure gauge. A certain level of pressure is needed – but too much can be dangerous.

During one of my many sessions of watching that all-important gauge – I got to thinking. (Now I know that can be dangerous – but follow me here…)

I got to thinking – it sure would be nice to have a pressure gauge stamped into my forehead so everybody could know how much pressure I was under.

Imagine the conversations between my children:

“Hey guys – better leave Mom alone – her gauge is in the danger zone! She’s ready to blow”


“This is a great time to ask mom for (fill in the blank) she’s nice and steady right now.”

Just think of the harmony that would be attained if my husband could – when arriving home from work – see how much pressure had built up that day.

He would immediately know whether it was a good time to tell me that he forgot the milk, or that he had invited company over.

Or whether it was a better time to whisk me off on a walk or just take the children and disappear for a while so the head of steam I was building would have a chance to cool off a little.

Yep – I think I pressure gauge is a really good idea! Just think of the explosions that could be averted!