Apple Picking & Changing Seasons

Sunday afternoon was one of those perfect fall days – with the sun shining and warm temperatures.

And we spent it in apple trees.

ApplesWell – actually one apple tree mostly – but it had 2 kinds of apples growing in it.

No – I’m not kidding. It is one tree with both the tart Jonathon and the sweet Yellow Delicious apples growing together, side by side.

It’s one of those apple trees from the seed catalogs that’s supposed to grow four different kinds in apples in one tree – except that only 2 of the grafts survived.

An older couple from church planted it several years ago and have blessing people -including us – with apples ever since.

But this year was a little bittersweet.

Apples 2After we spent several hours picking the bumper crop, filling up every container we brought with us, removing the back seat of the van just to get the apples in, and still leaving half of the apples hanging in the tree – we drove in to see their “new” house in town.

Sometime in the next few months, they’ll pack up and leave the farm.

It’s the end of era.

On one hand – I’m so happy and excited for them! They were almost like newlyweds as they showed us around the new house and served us ice cream cones.

But on the other hand – the move will be hard. While they are leaving behind the work and upkeep of the farm, they’re also leaving their home of over 50 years, their livelihood, their lifestyle.

It’s a needed change, but not an easy one.


Kinda  like a tree that grows both tart and sweet apples side by side.