What’s With the Dead Plants?

Mostly Dead Plants Just look at what I got at the grocery store!

What? You’re not impressed?

My husband wasn’t either – until I told him they were free! 🙂

You still might question what possessed me to bring home some mostly dead plants – even if they are free.

I’m so glad you asked!

First of all – they’re perennials. That means that they will come back year after year from the roots.

These have already blossomed for the year and have died back – leaving behind seed pods full of seeds – which is the second reason I grabbed them.

So not only can I plant the roots, I can harvest those seed pods and plant them as well.

And plant them I will – all of them!

My plan is to plant some of them in my flower garden, and the rest of them – and all the seeds I can gather – will be planted and sprinkled into the deep ditch in the front of the house.

This ditch is too deep to be mowed safely, so I’ve been trying to get wildflowers started in it. Ideally – the plants will naturalize and I will have my own beautiful wildflower garden.

But for now – I am thrilled with my free plants!

Sometimes a little knowledge can  turn what others see as trash into a real treasure!

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Need a Mother’s Day Gift?


My sister started a Mother’s Day tradition with our mom years ago that continues to be a blessing today.

Mom is a gardener and has beautiful flower beds surrounding the house. Every year for Mother’s Day my sister has given her a perennial flower.

These flowers are enjoyed for a few weeks in the house and then planted in one of her many flower beds.

Then, every year, Mom can watch these same flowers come up, bigger and more beautiful as they take root in the soil. They bloom, make seeds, and spread their beauty.

What a perfect illustration of motherhood and a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day!