Crash’s Bash

He did it.

Or rather – we did it.

We got Pedro graduated!Pedro's graduationIsn’t he handsome?!

The ceremony was meaningful –  I didn’t trip or do anything to embarrass myself – and we had a nice group of family members to help us celebrate.

Somehow – after everything that went wrong in the weeks leading up to graduation- all the details fell into place perfectly!

We had a beautiful day for Pedro’s party.  The house was cleaned, the flowers planted, and all the food was ready.

And plentiful.

Ten gallons of Chex Mix was more than enough! 🙂

Crash's bashWe even had a new calf and baby kitties to show off.  Such cuteness!

There was a steady stream of people in and out the house.

Family, friends, neighbors.

Young and old.

cousinsPeople who meant so much to us, each one giving up a Sunday afternoon to celebrate our son.

Jan and I felt blessed.

And humbled.

And very tired.

But so thankful. We have much to celebrate!

Way to go Crash! We love you!


Working for a Living

Just look at who got a job!

DSC_0317Yup. Our Pedro is the new stock boy at our favorite local grocery store!

He’s learning all sorts of new things – like how to “face” a shelf, how many kinds of hamburger helper there are, and to always, always treat the customer’s lettuce with care! (right Nana Shirley!)

He also gets to carry out groceries. The little old ladies love him!

Maybe it’s his cute smile, or his polite manners.


But it’s probably his sideburns.

Dagmar likes to do her shopping when he’s on the floor. Of course she asks him to help her find obscure items and always makes him carry out her bags – even if all she got was an avocado. Because that’ s what sisters do.

But the thing I love best about his new job is that he’s learned how to sweep and mop a floor. He even volunteered to mop mine.

Yes. You read that correctly: he even volunteered to mop mine! Oh be still my heart!

And he did a great job! Although while he was sweeping he told me that my broom wasn’t very good – but don’t worry – they sell a very nice one with an attached dust pan.

I can find it in aisle 6, right next to the laundry detergent.

That’s my boy!

Monster Eggs

EggsRecently a friend –  knowing I was short on eggs due the raccoon devastation last summer – shared a shopping bag full of them with me.

I reached in the bag and pulled out two cartons full of eggs in every color of the rainbow – and then I noticed another container.

A closer examination revealed 4 mammoth eggs.

Whoa! Really?

I quickly sent her a text asked, “Who or what critter laid those monstrosities?”

Her reply – a goose.

Wow! I know understand why we call a bump on the head a goose egg. Those things are huge!

I feel like Wilma Flintstone when I crack one – which isn’t easy since the shells are so very thick. I almost expect to find a baby dinosaur looking up at me!

We thought about dying them for Easter – but decided they would be way too easy to find in an Easter egg hunt.

So how big are these eggs?

Buddy boiled one and made a deviled egg so big he could only eat half.

It only takes the whites of 5 eggs to make an entire angel food cake.

But the most amazing thing of all is that one egg will fill up Pedro.

Now that’s a big egg.