Caramel Corn with the Master

Once upon a time the King of Caramel Corn came to visit and endeavored to teach his loyal subjects the art of making caramel corn perfection.

First he looking critically through all of their bowls – and dismissed them as too small. Until they brought up the massive Navy bowl – which he deemed an acceptable substitute for the kings own royal popcorn bowl.

caramel cornThen he got Buddy popping the corn. Lots of corn. But he didn’t measure it. The Master didn’t need measures – he went by eye. He knew when there was just enough.

old maidsHe carefully picked through the popped corn for the old maids. It’s the little things- you know – that make a difference between the good and great.

When the corn was popped to his satisfaction, the making of the caramel commenced. It was measured with precision, stirred with care, and timed to exactly 3 minutes.

stirringThen it was poured over the popped corn and stirred slowly and methodically until every kernel of corn was coated.

The pans of perfectly prepared caramel corn was then ready to be baked.

Five CrownsAnd the King of Caramel Corn and his underlings played a rousing game of Five Crowns while it baked, stopping every 20 minutes for “a stirring” of the corn to avoid burning.

When the King of Caramel Corn had won the game of Five Crowns, and the corn had roasted for exactly one hour and thirty minutes, it was removed from the oven and dumped on the table.

caramel cornWhere the King and his court burned their fingers tasting it while eating enough to ruin their supper.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

For the King of Caramel Corn’s official Royal recipe – just click here.

$20 Puzzle Challenge

PuzzleMy dad loves jigsaw puzzles – the bigger the better.

Not so long ago he did a 2000 piece puzzle of Alaska’s Mount McKinley – and at least 1000 of those pieces were of the same yellow flower in the foreground of the picture.

It’s obvious that my dad likes a challenge. So we were a little surprised when he announced at a family gathering earlier this spring that there was a puzzle that he did not finish.

Not only did he not finish it – he declared it that is was so hard he would give $20 to any grandchild who could.

That got Angel Girl’s  attention. Of course the puzzle came home with us.

She immediately started it saying that it would be easiest $20 she ever earned.

Well – it certainly wasn’t as easy as she originally thought – a white polar bear and cub on a snow bank proved to be a challenge!  It took her quite a bit longer than she planned, but she did it!

Then she took a picture and sent it off to Papa Jim.

And Papa Jim – though surprised-  paid up.

I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be given any similar challenges in the near future – at least not to our puzzle girl!