660px-Jean-Baptiste_Siméon_Chardin_019Are you overwhelmed with life right now?

Have things gotten really busy?

So busy that you feel like a failure in everything?

Is your laundry pile large?

Are dust bunnies multiplying under your couch?

Give yourself grace. This season of busyness is just that – a season.

There are no laundry police who sweep through houses to see if the laundry is clean, folded and put away.

There are no home inspection crews who will white glove your house to check for dust and dock your points for messy rooms.

God has great plans to use you – and Satan doesn’t like it. He wants to keep you tired, discouraged and beat up.

Stick tight to the Lord and listen to truth – you are God’s beloved child, a woman of worth and beauty, a vessel ready to be used by Him.

Grace dear one, grace.