Dehydrating Onions

Here’s another great idea from Nana!


We grow several rows of onions in our garden. They are a “staple” for us and are used in so many recipes! We also like them raw in salads and on burgers.

In the fall we harvest the onions and then hang them up to dry. After they have dried awhile, we check them over. The firm ones are put in a box for over-the-winter use & stored on a shelf in our garage.

The softer ones we slice and dehydrate.

I make sure our clothes closet door is shut tight. The fragrance of onion #5 turns heads in church! But really compliments whatever we are cooking at home!
We have an electric Food Dehydrator which makes the process quite simple! But you can also use your oven. Spread them on a cookie sheet. Dry at 120 degrees for 24 to 30 hours until brittle. Stir occasionally during the day. (I would not leave the oven on overnight, but would leave the pans in the oven.)

Store them in a tightly covered container.

This year I discovered that I could grind the dried onions in my ever-faithful 15 year-old little Black & Decker coffee mill. It makes onion powder that can be sprinkled for flavor when you don’t want the chunks of onion or when you are practicing the “art of subterfuge“! Recycle an empty glass spice container and you’ll even have a “shaker” top for dispensing!

Until next time!