Working for a Living

Just look at who got a job!

DSC_0317Yup. Our Pedro is the new stock boy at our favorite local grocery store!

He’s learning all sorts of new things – like how to “face” a shelf, how many kinds of hamburger helper there are, and to always, always treat the customer’s lettuce with care! (right Nana Shirley!)

He also gets to carry out groceries. The little old ladies love him!

Maybe it’s his cute smile, or his polite manners.


But it’s probably his sideburns.

Dagmar likes to do her shopping when he’s on the floor. Of course she asks him to help her find obscure items and always makes him carry out her bags – even if all she got was an avocado. Because that’ s what sisters do.

But the thing I love best about his new job is that he’s learned how to sweep and mop a floor. He even volunteered to mop mine.

Yes. You read that correctly: he even volunteered to mop mine! Oh be still my heart!

And he did a great job! Although while he was sweeping he told me that my broom wasn’t very good – but don’t worry – they sell a very nice one with an attached dust pan.

I can find it in aisle 6, right next to the laundry detergent.

That’s my boy!