Trend Setters

We had quite an interesting discussion at the lunch table yesterday. (I should say that the kids had quite an interesting discussion because it was one of those times that made Jan and I feel a little like a ping-pong ball as we tried to keep up.)

Dagmar, freshly home from her wonderful week at TeenPact Endeavor in Colorado, was trying to inform her siblings what was hot – and what was not.

Just in case you were at all curious about what the newest trends are among the youth in our country – here is the lowdown as I understood it. (But be advised – this could change at any minute!)

Planking is out.

PlankingPlanking – quite popular at our 4th of July get-together – is when you lay face down like a plank on something, take a picture and post it on Facebook for all your friends to see. The object is to find the most obscure thing to plank on – like a tree limb or the wing of a bi-plane.

Also out is  “Toothpicking” – when you take a picture of yourself standing on your head next to something – like by a telephone pole or street lamp. Of course – you put it on Facebook so all your friends can see how creatively amazing you are.

“Owling”, however,  is in.Owl“Owling” is when you crouch down, preferably in weird places like the roof of your car or the mailbox, use your arms as wings and pretend to be an owl. And – you guessed it – you put these pictures on Facebook to impress all your friends.

I’ll have to admit that it’s hard to stay on top of all this, let alone participate. I mean – really now- I get dizzy when I put my head down to tie my shoes, how in the world would I put my feet above my head to “toothpick”?!

And honestly – even if I could get on top of my mailbox – I’m afraid that my “owling” would look more like a chicken trying to lay an egg.

Let’s face it people -the only way we’re going to be “with it” is to beat these kids at their own game.

So I propose that we come up with our own “ing” activity. Something easy to do for all ages. Something that can be done anywhere – in any obscure or random place.

Something like ….


Seriously people – just think of the possibilities!

There’s napping in the recliner, on the couch, in the hammock, at the table, while waiting in line at the grocery store…

Napping…mouth open, mouth closed, sitting up, laying down, inside, outside!

Then we can take pictures of each other and post them on our Facebook pages and all of our friends would be impressed at how cool and hip we were!

Finally – we would be the trendsetters.  🙂

I’m Becoming My Parents.

ReclinerThis is so embarrassing.

The other night we were sitting as a family watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics when I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier.

The next thing I knew – I woke up dazed.

I had fallen asleep in the chair.

For years as I was growing up,  my siblings and I would laugh at my parents who could both sit in the recliner and drift off to sleep with their mouths open – sometimes snoring.

We kids would often joke about trying to drop things inside their open mouths – but never quite got up the nerve.

Now it was happening to me.

I thought my little “nap” was an isolated incident and chalked it up to a late night after a really busy day.

But then it happened again on Sunday afternoon – and again Tuesday night – and almost on Thursday.

I’m becoming my parents.

I gathered up the courage to ask Dagmar and Angel Girl if I snored. They looked at each sheepishly before Angel Girl said, ” Kinda.”

Dagmar corrected her with, “You didn’t really snore – you just snorted every time your head fell over.”



I was going to ask if I drooled – but decided that maybe I really didn’t want to know.

So what’s next?

Are my kids going to start laughing at me? Will they try dropping things in my open mouth? Or <gasp> will I eventually start snoring as loudly as my parents?

Let me tell you people – growing old is not for the faint of heart.

By the way – kids if you are reading this and are planning to drop things in my mouth – I prefer M & M’s, but chocolate chips  will also do.

I may be getting old – but I’m still a chocoholic!