Teenager In the House

Buddy turned thirteen last week.


I can’t believe my baby is a teenager!

A teen with his own box drum and Old Spice fragrance.

buddy's box drum

Who eats as much as Pedro.

And has no clothes that fit because he’s growing faster than I can buy them.

Definitely another teenager in the house.

This was the first year in several he didn’t concoct an elaborate Lego and Pika display for the top of his birthday cake.

Instead – he and Nana Shirley created a Minecraft cake.


You don’t get it?

Don’t feel bad. Neither did I. Or Jan. Or any of the four grandparents present. I guess it’s a part of a computer game they love to play.

While it didn’t have the drama of burning pika’s or flying M & M’s of his previous cakes – he was very proud of it.

And it did look remarkably like the photo on Pinterest – thanks to my amazing mom and her cake decorating skills.


Just in case you ever need to make one and my mom isn’t available to save the day – we baked 2 – 9 x 13 cakes and cut them down to 9 inch squares. She didn’t use fondant – instead she just smoothed the butter cream with a spatula. Buddy cut the squares out of red fruit roll-ups.

Yep. That birthday cake made it official.

Changes are coming.

We’ve got another teenager in the house.