Bring a Meal and Be a Blessing

I remember well what a blessing it was after each of my babies to have meals delivered to our door every evening by dear friends from church.

But I also remember the huge pile of casserole dishes and plastic containers that I needed to return the following Sunday.

Thankfully, there were always a few who thought ahead and brought us a meal in a dish that didn’t need to be returned!

What an incredible blessing!

  • Homemade soup (chili, chicken noodle, or even vegetable) in an ice cream bucket with some fresh, homemade dinner rolls.
  • A casserole (lasagne, or chicken, or tator tot)  in an aluminum foil pan with cookies and a bag of salad.
  • Or my kids’ favorite  –  Individual meal packets: a hamburger patty or pork chop with a sliced potatoes, and carrots wrapped up in an aluminum foil packet, one for each member of the family.

I remember their creativity and kindness to this day!

That’s why I keep aluminum foil pans and ziploc bags on hand so that I can be the incredible blessing in someone else’s life.

People like the mother in our home school group taking chemo for cancer, the friend recovering from surgery, or the neighbor who just lost a loved one.

Romans 12: 13 “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

You Need a Meal Plan

TV Dinner

One of the first things you learn as a mom is that your children like to eat on a regular basis and they expect you to provide the food.

Almost before the dishes are dry from the last meal, they are asking about the next one.

Since we know that this will happen, wouldn’t it make sense to be prepared for it?

When a meal time rolls around and you have hungry kids and no ideas, it’s really easy to pick up the phone and order pizza or grab some fast food on the way home.

Now there is nothing wrong with eating out, I enjoy it immensely! But when done on a regular basis, especially with children, it is a guaranteed budget buster.

Frozen dinners and convenience foods are another way to ruin a budget. Even though you are eating at home, you are paying a lot more for the convenience.

I won’t even get started about the nutritional aspects!

So today’s Thrifty Tip is to have a meal plan. Know what you are going to make and have the ingredients on hand to make it because we all know that the kids are going to be hungry!