Carrot Straws

Meal times have sure been quiet this week.

My oldest three children are at Teen Pact all week – so it’s just Angel Girl and Buddy around the table with mom and dad.

Now while it may be quieter – it is no less silly.

Take last night for example – we had a simple meal of chicken noodle soup (I’m still living on the stuff!), homemade buns and carrot sticks.

Everyone was quietly eating their soup with a minimal amount of slurping when Angel Girl picked up her carrot stick and started to use it as a spoon.

I raised my eyebrows – but her daddy just laughed.

Then he said, “I bet you can make a straw out of that carrot – and suck up your soup.”

Now it was Angel Girl’s eyebrows that went up – as did Buddy’s.

The carrots flew out off the plate as they first tried their knives – then some toothpicks to pick out the soft center of the carrot stick.

I was the hero of the hour when I suggested a nut pick.

Soon both Buddy and Angel Girl were sucking up their soup through a carrot stick straw.

It was a little messy – and a little slurpy – but I can’t complain – they sure consumed a lot of veggies!

And while it may not be a socially correct  form of soup consumption – it sure was fun!

Hmmm… I wonder what other veggies can be hollowed out into straws?

Stay tuned!