Mental Slippage

I seem to have a bad case of mental slippage this last week.

Brain burps. A momentary lapse of thought.

Or just plain forgetfulness.

On our trip to the big city last weekend I had meticulously written out a detailed list for every store I needed to go to – and left them in the car. Except for one store – I remembered the list but had forgotten to put several important items on it.

That wasn’t nearly as bad as my mental lapse on Sunday. My friend Cinnamon just had the sweetest little baby you ever did see – and I was supposed to bring her a meal on Sunday.

Totally slipped my mind.

Then I discovered that the gal who was bringing their Saturday meal forgot too. Ouch. Two days in a row. Her kids even said, “Melinda won’t forget – she’ll bring us something yummy.”

Double ouch.

I did bring them a meal on Monday – but forgot the pile of movies and the extra Easter script I was going to bring along.

The rest of the week continued like that -forgetting to put the pan of scones in the oven, walking into a room and forgetting why I went in to it, the kids needing to remind me several times to correct their math.

The list goes on and on.

I don’t know what my trouble is – but I blame senioritis.  You know –  having a graduating senior in the house.

My mind is full of ACT scores, financial aid packets, college visits, and senior pictures.

All those numbers, the dates, the decisions!

Just looking at the price of college tuition is enough to freeze some brain cells.

Or <gasp> maybe the senioritis is mine.

After all – I did just have a birthday.  You know – they say the mind is the first thing to go.

No – on second thought – let’s all just forget I said that.

Here’s hoping that a nice quiet weekend and a few good nights of sleep will restore my cognitive prowess.

But until then – I’ll keep slugging away at my to-lists.

That is – if I can remember where I put them. 🙂

List Mania

ListsI am a chronic list maker.

I knew I had a problem – but I didn’t realize how serious until last night when I cleaned off my desk.

In all of my piles I discovered an embarrassing number of lists, written on different papers, with whatever writing utensil I could find at the time.

There were items scratched on the back of an envelope, chores for the kids on a piece of scratch paper, a grocery list from 2 weeks ago, and a list of 4H kids who needed to be scheduled to bring treats.

I even found the list of the meals we used for the big family gathering here last October. It must have been an amazing list to have saved it for an entire year! (Can you hear the sarcasm?!)

After VBS was done a few weeks ago, I was so exhausted that I told my husband that I wasn’t making a list for an entire week – but that only lasted a day.

It’s an addiction I tell you!

I keep paper in the glove compartments of our vehicles so I can jot down a list when the fancy strikes me.

I guess I’m just a visual person. I need to write down the thoughts in my head or I’m afraid they will get lost in my muddled brain. The busier the time in my life – the more lists I need to make.

I can walk into a store needing 2 things and will totally forget them if they aren’t written down.

I currently have lists for the Big Western Adventure, for our family Labor Day get-together, for 4H record books, for groceries, and one for Wal-Mart.

Those are just the most urgent ones. I also have a list of Christmas ideas for the kids, one of books I want to read and a Sunday School lesson idea for next fall.

But you know – it just feels good to mark something off as completed. (I’ve actually been known to finish a job, then write it down just so I can mark it off!)

A list helps me stay focused and keeps the kids on task.

Without a list I would useless at a store, and quite ineffective at home.

So maybe I shouldn’t be ashamed of compulsive list making. Maybe it’s not so mad after all. It’s not everybody who can carry their brains around all day on clipboard!

Oh – clipboard! That reminds me that I need to find the clipboard before we leave.

I’ll just go write it on the list…