God of Wonder

God of WondersWe had some massive storms roll through the state last night – tornadoes warnings, hail, strong winds, heavy rains.

With three of my kids at Teen Pact Camp in Des Moines – this momma bear was relieved when one of the coordinators posted this on Facebook:

“I just got back from the Teen Pact Camp. There was a tornado warming so we all went into this ‘cozy’ (that was the word we agreed on) basement. I must say, if being in a basement can be epic, this totally was. We did a bunch of singing. Let me tell ya, ‘God of Wonders’ takes on a whole new meaning when there’s lightning, hail and wind outside!”

Thank you Josh.

I had to smile. I knew exactly what he meant.

Years ago – when I was in youth group – we were on the church bus on a very hot and humid July night traveling home from an activity.

The air was so still it was suffocating.

There was lightning off in the distance.

We watched the storm get closer and closer – until the sky got dark and our church bus full of kids was in the middle of the rain, wind, and lightning.

It was a little scary.

Then someone started to sing the scripture song from Isaiah 41:10:

“Fear thou not, for I am with thee,
be not afraid, for I’m thy God.
I will strengthen you, yea I will help you,
yea I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.”

We all joined in. Song after song flowed out of that bus on that dark stormy night.

Singing “How Great Thou Art” while the lightning cracks above you and you can feel His power in the wind and rain is an incredible experience.

That impromptu acapella worship service in the church bus on a country road in rural Iowa surrounded by the raging storm remains one of the most meaningful ones in my life.

God of wonder indeed.

Lightning Storm

lightning storm

We had more severe weather last weekend, and this time I wasn’t on top of things and didn’t turn the computers off or unplug them.

I should have known.

I just wasn’t thinking.

I’m kicking myself now, but it’s too late, the damage is done.

I knew better. But I didn’t do it and we were hit. We still aren’t sure just how or where the hit happened, but it looks like it came through the electrical lines. The wireless router was zapped and the power supply of one computer was fried. (At least we hope  that that’s all the happened…but the printer has been acting goofy since the storm…)

Of course it was the newest computer that was knocked out of commission. (Murphy’s Law!) So I’m back to work on the old slow computer while my dear wonderful and very talented “techie” husband tries to salvage what we can on the other.

If only I had paid attention and unplugged the electronics that afternoon. We would have saved so much time and hassle.

“Regret is insight that comes a day too late.”