Wet Towel Woes

Hangers I love my remodeled farm kitchen!

But one of the issues I’ve had is where to put towel rods. It seemed like there were always wet towels on every surface and hanging over the backs of my kitchen chairs.

I had one cabinet with room for a towel rod – but a regular rod would stick out too far into the doorway.

This dilemma stumped for the past two years – until we visited Jan’s brother’s family.

My amazing Minnesota sister-in-law solved a similar situation with a cheap and easy fix – robe hangers.

They have a lower profile than a traditional towel rod and I can hang 2 towels on them.

We found two robe hangers at our favorite Menard’s – installed them – and voila! My wet towel woes were solved!

My longer towels hang great as they are – and my shorter towels needed just a loop of gross grain ribbon on one corner to hang securely.

Finally a solution that works for me! Bless you Aunt Karen!

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