I Knew It Was Coming

It finally happened this morning.

I knew it was coming but it still made me sad.

My Bible finally split in two.

I bought this Bible my last year of Bible college. It wasn’t very fancy or expensive – I was pretty broke at the time.

It’s big and heavy and …  precious.

For over 20 years this Bible has been my constant companion.

It was the Bible I was using when I was in the classroom as a brand new teacher, dealing with students, and other teachers, and difficult parents.

It was my Bible as I got my first apartment and began navigated the adult world with it’s responsibilities, privileges and budgets.

It was the Bible I was using during that exciting time when I met and fell in love with Jan.

It was the Bible that I read when I got engaged, then married, and as a new bride.

It was the Bible that carried me through 5 pregnancies, 5 births, and then taught me to be a mother.

It’s pages are rumpled and full of underlined verses and notes in the margins.

It’s been there in the every day of life – giving me strength for the good days, and encouragement during the bad.

This is a book full of God’s promises that I claimed – and God kept.

It’s not just a Bible – it’s a record of my spiritual journey – a history of my faith.

I’m not at all sure that I’m not ready to retire this one – at least not yet.

I know there are smaller, prettier Bibles out there, the words are the same and just as powerful. And in time it would become as priceless  as this one.

But I’m just not ready – at least not today.

I wonder just how long I can hold it together with tape?

This Bible is like a good friend and I really hate good-byes.