Puzzling Thoughts

Puzzle Angel Girl is our puzzle princess.

She can take a 1000 piece puzzle and whip it into shape in no time.

Her favorite way to relax is to work on a puzzle while listening to Adventures in Odyssey or Jonathon Parks.

So while we were thrifting with Aunt Julie last week – she grew bored quickly while looking at clothes and went in search of puzzles. She found 2 of her favorite kinds  – The Hometown Collection – and bought them.

When she sat down on Monday to start the first one – she had an interesting surprise.

The puzzle pieces in the box did not match the picture on the cover.

Oops! The perils of thrift store shopping!

Now she has a puzzle to put together – but she has no idea what it should like.

I’ve noticed that it’s taken her a lot longer to work on this one – a lot more trial and error as she studies each piece for clues.

She doesn’t have the big picture.

How much easier it would be if she could just study the box lid!

It struck me that often in life I live like that – not seeing the bigger picture. I spend lots of extra time trying to fit the pieces of life together by trial and error.

It’s silly really – because I have the “box lid”  available to study – the one made by the manufacturer.

It’s called the Bible.

In it, God has given me everything I need to make the daily decisions of life. He knows how all the details should fit into place – how the finished product should look.

But I’m much too  busy trying to fit things together myself to take the time to see what the Master Designer has in mind for me.

I’m missing the big picture.

Spending  some time in the word today – and everyday – will help all those little details in life to fit together so much better!