Are you putting up the Christmas tree today? Decorating for the holidays? As you begin thinking about Christmas, Nana has some wise thoughts to share…

Nativity SceneOn his last business trip to Israel, our son-in-law, Jeff, purchased this hand-made nativity scene for us.  We will display it year round as a conversation starter.

It reminds me of my favorite historical fiction authors, Bodie & Brock Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee).  Years ago we read their first series, The Zion Covenant, and were hooked!

They are experts at capturing their reader’s minds & hearts and do a superb job of researching for historical accuracy.

This year I discovered their AD Chronicles series that takes readers back in time to first century A.D. to the most critical events in the history of the world.

These books make the Bible come to life as you read it. Three books in the series, Fourth Dawn, Fifth Seal, and Sixth Covenant are written at the time of Jesus’ birth. There is a richness to these events that changes my perspective of both Joseph & Mary.

It is so much more than the “scene” that is sold commercially or even the “play” that is acted out in the Christmas Eve service.

Like Joseph & Mary, God does not ‘set” us here on earth, ask us to obey Him, and abandon us to fate.  He gives strength, knowledge, wisdom, provision and protection as we follow Him. He is indeed “working all things together for good for those who are called according to His purpose”. Check out these books and be prepared for a special Christmas season!