Iowa Floods of 2008

Farm land floodingThe situation is almost unbelievable here in Iowa. Continual rains, storms every other night with wicked winds, tornadoes, and massive rainfall.

We’ve seen lots of flooding in farm fields, which then runs off to the creeks, which run to small rivers, which run into the major rivers which are now flooding; the Cedar River, the Iowa River, the Raccoon River and the Granddaddy of them all, the Des Moines River.

My parents live on a hill overlooking the West Fork of the Cedar River. They’ve seen flooding all over the county. Here’s an excerpt from my mom’s recent e-mail:

Flooding“Monday…The water was highest that we had ever seen. It was over Hwy 3 between the bridge and Dumont and then at the main corner into Dumont. Was not down until Tues PM. Water was also over the blacktop at the bridge on the way to Kesley. Bristow was closed in with water and the Butler County Sheriff was advising that no one should travel in the county.

We were “high & dry” except for the “Dungeon Suite” (the basement bedroom) which had several moats running to the drain.

When we stepped out the door on Monday we could hear the water rushing. It sounded like rapids on a river
or like the sound we heard when we were walking towards Niagra Falls!!

Right now, Greene’s main street is under water, Waverly is flooded, Clarksville is flooded, New Hartford & Shell Rock are flooded and Cedar Falls is under water in the area of the ice house museum. A RR bridge was knocked down and hit a high way bridge in Waterloo. Mason City’s water treatment plant was down and it will be until Thursday before there will be drinking water…

Thanking the Lord for the “Prairie Hill” and for His promise to give strength to endure in all…”

The water is starting to go down around them for now, and it’s all heading downstream causing flooding everywhere it flows.

An added perspective, every year we tube down the West Fork just down from Mom and Dad’s. The last few years it was so shallow that we had to walk most of it, there wasn’t enough to float a tube!

The Des Moines River was so low last July 4th that at our annual camp-out near Fort Dodge several of us actually walked right across the river!

All of Iowa had more rain last night, including the deadly tornado near Little Sioux. There’s no where for the water to go anymore.