Dog Days of Summer

We are definitely in the dog days of summer!

You hear that term often, but what exactly are they?

According to Wikipedia “the dog days of summer”, refers to “the hottest, most sultry days of summer… They are a phenomenon of the northern hemisphere that usually falls between early July and early September…they  can also define a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress.”

Yep, that would be right now. High humidity (we call it “air you can wear”) and high heat.

The old-timers say, “It’s so hot you can hear the corn grow”. You almost can.

The weather makes doing anything hard. Our minds feel stagnant, or bodies heavy. Our days are definitely marked by a “dull lack of progress!”

What do we do to beat the heat?

You don’t. You simply learn to work with it. We get up early and accomplish everything we can before it gets really hot. Then we stop and rest in the heat of the day. When it starts to cool a little, we start working again.

And we listen to the corn grow.