Check List

I can’t believe that Dagmar’s graduation is one week away!

The kids are teasing about my pile of lists – even adding nonsense things to them to confuse me! (Would you believe somebody actually wrote “chip concrete from my toes” on one list?!)

But the truth is – we’re making good progress.


Dagmar’s photo collage is done, we’ve dug out all the awards and ribbons, the invitations are sent and her senior picture is framed.

The dining room chairs are recovered.

The freezer is full of buns and cookies. (Just how many cookies and buns do you need for an Open House? I don’t know about you – but I always feel like it’s a little bit more than I already have!)

Remember my week-long quilting frenzy in March? The one in which I spent an entire week cutting and sewing 3 inch blocks together and ended up with 2 twin size quilt tops?

FinishedWould you believe that I actually finished hand quilting one quilt!!! It is now laying on Dagmar’s bed.  I hope to be done with Angel Girl’s quilt this weekend.

We have sanded, stained, and varnished the window and door trim from the sun room and the 2 basement doors (some of the downstairs trim that didn’t get finished before Matt’s graduation last year.)

Then there was the school room. Remember my mess?

2The desk and unused computers were replaced with a futon thus transforming the room into a guest room/library. (Look Uncle Tim – You now have a bed to sleep on when you come!)

And the piles of stuff on the floor waiting to be sorted? Well – just between you and me – I repackaged what was left and hid it somewhere else. 🙂 You won’t tell will you?

I still need to make a last minute grocery list.

Wash windows.

Hang the finished trim.

Oh – and  we should probably clean house!

I think I need a new list.

The Final Tally

Cutting WoodIt’s been a whirlwind few days!

As my folks headed home today they left a behind a trail of finished projects and fun memories.

My dad found, cut and fitted trim on 4 windows, 11 doors, 3 built-in cabinets and my built in antique desk.

He first measured the opening, then walked all the way to the old house where we have all the old trim laid out and went through all the trim to find the right size.

He measured it, trimmed to fit if necessary, then brought it all the way over to the new house to fit it in the opening. If it didn’t work right, he had to take it, walk all the way back over and recut it.

If there wasn’t any trim the right size, he made it.

He did this process over and over again for 2 1/2 days.

I’m so glad he took a couple hours in the afternoon to go fishing.

God bless my daddy.

Meanwhile, my mom helped Angel Girl make crab apple jelly for a 4H project, patched Pedro’s favorite plaid shorts, made a beautiful new slip cover for my futon and even water proofed it and helped Dagmar package snack time treats for next week.

God bless my mom!

Together we got 3 meals a day on the table plus tea time in the afternoon and cleaned up the kitchen.

We even visited our local thrift store (twice!), made 2 trips to the lumber yard (ackk!), bought groceries 3 times, hit 2 garage sales, and went to the Amish store.


Thank you Mom and Dad.

I am blessed.