A Blizzard in December

It’s started to snow.

The forecasters predict at least a foot. The wind is supposed to pick up and the temperatures are starting to drop.

It’s a December blizzard.

We’ve been warned it was coming for some time. The grocery stores were packed last night as people stocked up on the staples. Hardware stores were just as busy selling ice scrapers and snow shovels.

The weatherman on the noon news said it would be a big one – one we would talk about for years to come.

Schools are closed through-out the state in preparation.

Snow plows are gassed up and ready.

But for now – the snow is falling softly and piling up fast.

And we wait.

Our worlds have stopped. The entire Midwest is frozen in time. Plans are on hold. Events canceled.

Meanwhile, families enjoy quiet time together in the midst of a busy month.

Adults take naps. Kids pull out the board games.

The frantic pace of Christmas is slowed down for awhile.

Hot chocolate is poured. Movies are watched.

And we wait.

And the snow falls.

And the wind blows.