Happy Ground Hog’s Day!

800px-groundhog2So have ya’ll got your ground hog trapped and skinned for the big shin-dig ta-night?

Yep, we got us a good one this year. We’re fixin’ to have a real feast ta-night. Ground hog, collard greens, fat back and biscuits.

What? Ya’ll don’t enjoy ground hog on this holi- day?

It’s a tradition here in the hills where I comes from.

All the chillen’ look forward to this here feast. It means February is finally here and winter is almost over.

Yes sirree, it’s a time to be a’celebratin’!

Go out and grab you a hunk of ground hog at the local supermarket and have yourself a feed ta-night.

Yes, your grocery store carries ground hog – they all do. It’s common enough where I come from.

Now just think a minute- what is ground hog? A hog is another name for a pig.  And what is ground pig called- you got it now!


Hurry on out and get some of that “ground hog” for supper ta-night. The looks on the faces of your chillen’  when you tell them they’re eating ground hog will be worth the effort!

Happy Ground Hog’s Day, everybody!